Sarvanga – asana

In our previous blog we learnt Pavana – mukta – asana which benefited us in giving a flat stomach. Get a perfect body weight through Sarvanga asana.

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Pavana – mukta – asana

In our previous blog we learnt PARIVRITTA-PARSHVAKONA-ASANA which benefited us in improving the functionality of the digestive system. Get rid of fat deposits on thighs, buttocks and abdomen through Pavanamukta asana.

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In our previous blog we learnt Padmasana which benefitted us in reducing unwanted fat from the hips and thighs. Simulate the organs in the abdomen through Parvritta parshvakona asana.

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Padmasana – The Lotus Posture

In our previous blog we learnt Nataraja-asana which benefitted us in strengthening the legs, hips and back. Increase your hunger through Padmasana, a yoga posture which helps in improving your appetite..

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Nataraja – asana

In our previous blog we performed Naga-asana which helps us in improving the blood circulation and flexibility to backbone. Today we shall perform the Nataraja- asana which helps us in maintaining the body balance.

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Naga – asana

Yoga helps in making you to stay fit and healthy. Nagasana helps in improving the blood circulation.

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Matsya – sana (Fish pose)

In our previous blog we learnt about Hala-asana and were benefited in many ways doing this yogasana. Today let’s learn about Matyasana to improve our health better day by day.

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Hasta-pada-angusta-asana The Hand-Foot-Big Toe Pose

Improve your body flexibility and strengthen the muscles by doing yoga every day. Reduce your depression and stress with Hasta pada angusta asana.

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Hala-asana – The Plow Pose

Yoga is a substitute for medicine. consuming too many medicines also have side effects. Reduce your weight through Halasana.

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Gomukha-asana – The Cow face Pose

Yoga is being practised by the people of India from many ages. Yoga has been mentioned in the Vedas and other philosophical books. Release your tension and refresh with Gomukha asana.

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