Finding Nirvana By The Sands Of Goa

There’s more to Goa than the long nights of partying and adventure activities. Goa is also today an emerging wellness destination. Since Goa bagged the “Wellness Destination of the Year” award at the India International Travel Mart (IITM) 2015, people from around the globe are heading to this destination to grab a piece of  nirvana.

While for ages Goa has been perceived as the perfect get away for leisure trips and social gatherings, today with resorts like Manthan Yogic Village, people can have a holiday while completely detoxing and rejuvenating their body and mind.

International tourists especially will be able to meet their need for Indian spa packages in Goa. Manthan Yogic Village has crafted unique packages with unique meal plans to be able to accommodate all requests that they typically receive from international and domestic guests.

Manthan Yogic Village offers 22+ packages that have a minimum length of stay starting from 2 nights to 14 nights. All their treatments are based on Ayurveda and the resort has inhouse Ayurveda practioners with several years of experience and recognition in the industry.

The treatments include:


Depression & Stress
Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenation
Spine & Neck Pain
Weight Management
Back Pain

Holistic Treatments

Arthiritis Care
Spine & Neck Care
Depression & Stress Management
Diabetes Care
Weight Management

Holistic Wellness

Rejuvenation (Sampoorna)
Anti Ageing
Ladies Wellness
De Addiction

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